Important Considerations When Changing Your Career

A qualified careers advisor can provide a range of careers advice, from a close friend or relative's advice to a full career assessment and a structured plan. The issue is that there is a lack of differentiation in the certifications and qualifications of career advice counsellors, making it easy for anyone to become one. Careers advice is typically intended for and targeted toward college or school graduates. The quality of this advice varies greatly and often, the advisor has little to no actual experience in the marketplace where people establish and pursue their careers.

With job insecurity on the rise, those already in the job market and those with an established profession or role should seek out career advice. It is vastly different to provide advice to a college student or graduate compared to someone who already has several years of experience in their career. Any individual's career advice should begin with an in-depth evaluation of what motivates, encourages, and fulfills them. The extent of this can vary greatly from one individual to another.

We all have our own desires, wants, and values, and while one person may find something inspiring, it may be a total turn-off for someone else. Happily, though, we all have our own individual preferences. Past experience in previously held roles or jobs can influence the wants and values of someone who is already established in their career; in these roles, the particular values may or may not have been satisfied.

After you have determined your wants, needs, values and requirements, the next step is to identify your skills, talents and competencies. Your resume or CV will be prepared using these. Several objectives are fulfilled by the resume. You must first get noticed. A resume longer than two pages is likely to be overlooked by recruiters.

Take into consideration that the recruiter likely would not prefer to have numerous resumes to select from. They just want the perfect candidate, for him or her. To be the perfect candidate, it is up to you to have a resume that conveys enough information as the starting point. Present your past accomplishments concisely to illustrate your aptitude for the job.

The product is sold through the resume. You are the product. At the beginning, do not focus on securing the job; remember your other objectives. The initial goal is to secure an interview. Our next goal is to secure a follow-up or subsequent interview. Your ultimate goal throughout this process is not to secure the job, but to receive an offer of employment. The careers advice that you obtain should result in this process emerging. If you follow this process, your job search will be successful.

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