What steps do I need to take to change careers?

The first thought that comes to me is of Julie Andrews gathering the children around her and singing "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start" from The Sound of Music. When one begins to pose the question, "how do I change careers?", this is especially pertinent.

How do you know you're unhappy with a career, and what is it? There are two obvious assertions: 1) that you already have a career, and 2) that you are less than happy with it. It is a commonly held belief that a person cannot truly be said to have a career until they have a body of work to look back on. Does your career include the first jobs you had? Do your current unhappiness with your occupation count as part of your career? Once you have gained an understanding of your past and current career, you will be prepared to make a successful transition to a new one.

If you are not content with what you are doing now, let us start by looking into what exactly is bothering you. Getting up in the morning is dreaded by you, and one or more tasks often act as a discouragement. If you feel that your manager/supervisor/boss does not appreciate the work you do and is often critical, You are unclear of what is expected of you due to your co-workers' lack of effective communication. What was it about that job/ career/industry that excited you and gave meaning to you that you have now forgotten?

These three critical factors that make up a career or are important characteristics are: skills, knowledge, and tasks that you are paid to complete. The relationships you have with your bosses and co-workers, the environment in which you work, and the knowledge you are acquiring in order to achieve your goals all contribute to your purpose.

The first step to changing careers is to narrow your focus and figure out which part of the career puzzle is not fitting correctly. Can you change your career until you know what you have got? By engaging in a process of self-reflection and examination of your career, you will be able to make the most of your current situation and identify what is lacking. Beginning a successful career change necessitates asking questions to start the process. Why do you want to change your career, and what is it?

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